Apple Cinnamon Popovers

By Cheri Liefeld
Created January 10, 2017
Add pizzazz to breakfast with delicious and foolproof popovers! MORE+ LESS-

Apple Cinnamon Popovers are a bit of apple pie for breakfast and are even better when topped with Brown Sugar Butter. Popovers are one of our family favorites. Kids love watching the magical transformation from batter to puffs. A few simple ingredients turns the batter into something extraordinary. 

My niece wanted to learn how to make popovers so we got busy. Cracking eggs is her specialty. She cracked them into a separate bowl to make retrieving any stray egg shells easier.

Photo 2 Apple Popovers

She then poured the eggs into a mixing bowl.

Photo 3 Apple Popovers

She helped measure and pour the ingredients into the bowl. I cut up the apples, but she added them to the bowl.

Photo 4ApplePopovers

Then she stirred the apples into the batter.

Photo 5 Apple Popovers

There are a couple tips to popover success. First, grease the pan well with butter. (This is not the time to skimp!) Preheat the pan in the oven. After the butter melts, quickly take a brush and make sure the enter tin is coated with butter.

Photo 7a Apple Popovers

I showed my niece how to fill up one popover cup, and then she carefully measured the batter into the remaining cups.

Photo 6 Apple Popovers
Photo 7 Apple Popovers

Immediately place the pan in the oven and close the door. Then the fun begins! 

This leads to the most important tip: Do not open the door. Just peek through the window if you must. You can open the oven 10 minutes before the popovers are finished to make little slits in the top of each and then finish baking. Doing this help dry popovers and retain their shape.

Photo 8 Apple Popovers

My niece called me over to see how they were puffing up. A few minutes later, they were even bigger. That is the fun of popovers...watching the magic of cooking right before your eyes!

Photo 9 Apple Popovers

This amazing recipes results in delicious popovers with a crusty outside and soft inside.

Photo 10 Apple Popovers

Serve the popovers warm with easy-to-make Brown Sugar Butter. Yum!