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Chocolate Brownies: Great Twists on an Old Favorite

Brownies with a Twist

Find out how to make variations on a classic American dessert: the brownie. Follow these tips and ideas for brownie dessert pizza, brownie trifles, brownie tortes, molten brownie cupcakes, garnishes and how to make low-fat brownies.

Betty Crocker Brownies

Brownies of all kinds taught many of us to bake. They’re still a quick and easy option when dessert’s needed. But whether homemade or from a mix, brownies beg for experimentation. Chocoholics, fruit lovers and calorie-counters can all indulge in trifles, tortes, dessert pizzas and other recipes.

Brownie Dessert Pizza

Brownie Trifles
Brownie trifles are simple to make, but look spectacular, serve a crowd and can be made ahead. Now, what’s not to like about that! Serve trifles in straight-sided glass bowls, individual dishes or even shot glasses, exposing the layers. 

  • Discover all the basics by making the recipes Brownie Trifle and Berry Brownie Parfaits and watching the How to Make a Trifle video.
  • We’re always adding recipes. Do a ‘trifle’ recipe search!

  • Try our Caramel Cream Brownie Trifle using Betty Crocker® fudge brownie mix.

  • Mocha lovers will cheer for our Fudgy Brownie Trifle flavored with coffee and toffee bits.

FUN FACT: A footed clear glass bowl—called a trifle bowl— shows off your recipe and typically holds three quarts, plenty for a party.

Brownie Tortes
Use brownies for a twist on flourless chocolate cake. Simply bake brownies and cut into equal, rectangular pieces to layer. Or start with a round pan like a springform or layer cake pan and add a topping that’s sweet indulgence.

Brownie Bites
These tiny brownie snacks cut down on both guilt and time. They’re made just like brownies, only in a mini muffin pan, taking about half the time to bake.

Molten Brownie Cupcakes

Making Garnishes
Chocolate shavings or curls add flavor and flare to any dessert. Here’s how to make a garnish for a dessert:

  • Let a milk chocolate bar sit in a warm place for 10 minutes.

  • Using long, thin strokes, pull a vegetable peeler across the chocolate bar.

  • Use a toothpick to place the curls or shavings on top of the trifle or other dessert.

  • For extra pizzazz, add whipped cream, nuts, berries or a sprig of mint.

Low-Fat Secrets

Try it Out in a Recipe

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