Swedish Pancakes, Bisquick

Swedish Pancakes, Bisquick

One of Mom's classic old Bisquick recipes. Light, thin, buttery. Similar to crepes only easier and better! A favorite Sunday morning breakfast served with strawberry jelly or a light sugar glaze.

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cups milk
1 1/4
cups bisquick
cup butter, melted
  1. Using hand mixer (egg beater), blend eggs and milk in medium bowl. Add Bisquick and blend till smooth. Melt the butter. (Next step may require help!) While turning mixer, slowly add the melted butter to mix completely. As the butter cools batter will appear slightly chunky, this is normal.
  2. Preheat large fry pan to medium low. Cast Iron works best. IMPORTANT. Pan and stovetop must be very flat and level. Add one large dab of butter to pan, enough to generously coat the entire bottom of pan. Add additional small pat of butter to center of pan just before each pancake if needed to keep pan from becoming dry.
  3. Very slowly ladle small amount (about 1/4 cup) of batter into center of pan (into melted butter pat). If temperature is correct, batter will sizzle slightly and then quiet. Batter will run, but attempt to create a round pancake. Try and not let batter collect around edges of pan (to much batter in pan). You may need to tilt the pan slightly to shape the batter but try and avoid making thin spots.
  4. Cook about one minute until bottom of pancake starts to brown. Using wide spatula, carefully turn pancake over. Pancake will be very delicate, try not to break it. (But if you do, it will still taste just as good.) Cook another minute or so until other side starts to brown.
  5. When done, move the pancake to a large plate. Coat entire side with thin coat of filling. Insert fork sideways into one edge of pancake and spin fork to roll pancake into a tube shape with the filling inside. Garnish with dab of filling if desired and serve.
  6. Best fillings; #1 home made strawberry jelly. #2 white sugar. Others; cinammon sugar, other jams and jellies, brown sugar, syrup, etc. When using sugar, coat immediately after pancake leaves the pan and allow a few seconds after rolling for it to melt inside the pancake from the residual heat. It will create a delicious glaze filling!
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Not like a normal pancake. Calling these "pancakes" is like calling fudge brownies a cake!

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