Spiced coconut donut holes

Spiced coconut donut holes

Two old friends tea time.Great for any occassion and any holiday desert. Just share and add lots of smiles and memories with your family. And enjoy the time sharing new and old ideas with the grandks

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16 oz can of buttermilk biscuits
cup of brown light sugar
cup of splender
cup of coconut
teaspoon allspice
teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
canola oil(for frying donutholes)
1 1/2
cups canola oil
  1. Open can of biscuits,or pop it.(don't get scared of the loud noise) AND cut the biscuits into 4 quartes.
  2. ROLL the quartes into dough .Into a ball,or balls ( (This is a great time to have your grandbabies helping you and making the donut holes.)
  3. Meanwhile heat your oil frying pan. ON meduin low, make sure that oil is not to HOT. IF its browning holes way to fast. REMOVE from heat for a few minutes.
  4. ONCE its the right temperature,cook your little holes (OR BALLS) Cook only a few holes at time. 5 to 8 minutes until they are golden brown. WHILE THE DONUTS HOLES ARE COOKING.
  5. MIX UP your sugars and spices and coconut, in a ziplock bag.Or a large bowl Have the children roll them in or shake them in the bag. Immediately after you take them off the frying pan. SHAKE ,SHAKE OR ROLL THEM IN THE GOODIES.
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YOU can omit some sugars.And just add the add just the splender and coconut. IF you don't like coconut you can just do them with the sugars and spices.OH its so nice an dyummy. great memories.♥♥♥♥♥

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