Slow-Cooker Sweet Cornbread Blackberry Cobbler

Blogger Brooke McLay from Cheeky Kitchen makes Sweet Cornbread Blackberry Cobbler right in the slow cooker with this uniquely delicious dessert!

  • Prep Time 10 min
  • Total Time 2 hr 10 min
  • Servings 8

bag (16 oz) frozen blackberries
tablespoon Gold Medal™ all-purpose flour
cup sugar
cup butter, melted
pouch (6.5 oz) Betty Crocker™ cornbread & muffin mix
teaspoon ground cinnamon
Ice cream or whipped cream, as desired

  • 1 Spray 4 1/2-quart slow cooker with baking spray with flour.
  • 2 Pour blackberries into slow cooker. Sprinkle berries with flour and 3 tablespoons of the sugar; stir gently to coat. In small bowl, mix remaining sugar, melted butter, cornbread mix and cinnamon. Spread dough on top of blackberries.
  • 3 Cover; cook on High heat setting 2 to 3 hours or until dough on top is set and blackberries are saucy. To serve, spoon hot cake from slow cooker, and top with ice cream or whipped cream.

Expert Tips

Add some almonds! Mix sliced almonds into your cornbread mixture for a nutty cobbler topping.

Slow cookers often cook differently. When baking desserts in the slow cooker for the first time, check every 15 minutes or so after the first hour to ensure your dessert is not overcooked.