my version of spagetti

my version of spagetti

my own special way of making spagetti,im part italian so im picky how this comes out to be

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pound hamburger meat
large can hunts spagetti sauce, i prefer garlic and herb flavor
large can diced tomoatoes that have oregano,garlic and herb spices in it
regular pack spagetti noodles
tablespoons butter
  1. brown hamburger meat,drain.turn down fire to simmer,add your spagetti sauce,diced tamatoes to meat let simmer till your noodles are done.
  2. while meat is cooking heat up your water for your noodles,add your butter and noodles when water starts to boil.cook pasta till noodles are soft. when done you can either add your noodles to your spagetti sauce or if u are like me after my noodles are done i put them in a strainer then place the strainer over a pot of water set to the side,then when im ready to eat i put noodles on plate then cover with sauce,im just pickey that way.
  3. make some garlic bread if u want or some corn on the cob goes great with this.,.
Makes 5 or 6
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i use butter when cooking my noodles they just come out better that way, let sauce simmer for at least 15 minutes

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