Garlic Romano Sweet Potato Fries

Our pub-worthy sweet potato fries are delightfully garlicky. Top with Romano cheese and serve with a side of ranch dressing.

  • Prep Time 45 min
  • Total Time 1 hr 15 min
  • Servings 4


lb sweet potatoes
tablespoons olive oil
cloves garlic, minced
teaspoon sweet Hungarian paprika
Kosher salt
Freshly grated Romano cheese

  • 1 Cut potatoes into 1/4 inch-thick strips. Transfer to a gallon size resealable plastic bag. Add the olive oil, garlic and paprika; seal bag. Shake well to combine; let stand 30 minutes at room temperature.
  • 2 Heat oven to 400°F. Line baking sheet with nonstick aluminum foil.
  • 3 Spread potatoes in a single layer on foil-lined baking sheet. Bake 25 minutes. Carefully turn potatoes; sprinkle with cheese. Bake an additional 10 to 15 minutes, until browned.
  • 4 Remove from the oven; turn over again. Let stand 5 minutes.
  • 5 Serve with dipping sauce of choice (such as blue cheese or ranch).

Expert Tips

Smaller sweet potatoes (4 to 5 inches long) work best.

Hand cut the potatoes for best results.