Brownie Milkshakes

  • Prep Time 5 min
  • Total Time 5 min
  • Servings 2



1 1/2
cups vanilla ice cream
1 1/4
cups milk
cup crumbled brownies


  • 1 In blender, place all ingredients. Cover; blend on low speed about 10 seconds or until smooth. Pour into glasses. Serve immediately.



Expert Tips

For a fun touch, cut additional brownies into shapes (such as a heart) with a cookie cutter to garnish the shakes.

Top with whipped cream and chocolate syrup for an even richer shake.

Bake your favorite Betty Crocker® brownie mix and crumble a portion of the pan for this recipe, or buy already made brownies at the bakery or grocery store.

Nutrition Information

Nutrition Information

No nutrition information available for this recipe.