Beaded “Icicles” Wrap

Beaded “Icicles” Wrap

This beaded gift wrap is easy and fun to make-perfect for a special gift packaging.

Prep Time


Total Time






package faceted beads (6 millimeter, 480 pieces)
yards 28-gauge beading wire
Gift-wrapped package
  1. Thread beads, a few at a time, onto wire. At every half-inch or inch of wire, grasp one bead, fold the wire in half, then twist the wire to create a hanging icicle with a bead at the end. Repeat until all wire is used, making icicles of varying lengths.
  2. Wrap beaded wire around package. Twist ends together to secure.
Makes 1 icicle wrap
Make the Most of This Recipe With Tips From The Betty Crocker® Kitchens
Beaded Initial: You will need 1 yard of 24-gauge beading wire, 1 package (3 oz) rochaille beads and wired cording. Crimp one end of wire with needle-nose pliers. Thread beads onto wire until filled. Crimp opposite end of wire to secure beads. Shape beaded wire into desired initial. Wrap wired cording around package; add initial and twist to secure. Tinsel Star Topper: You will need 2 gold or silver tinsel stems (from a package of 12 stems). Tinsel stems will be stocked with the chenille stems (pipe cleaners.) Bend one stem into 11 equal parts; shape into star. Using 11th bend, twist to secure and create loop. Wrap second tinsel stem around package; twist, leaving two short ends. Insert short ends through loop on star. Spread apart ends to secure tinsel star topper. Flower Bud: Glue artificial flower bud to top of wrapped package, using hot-glue gun with glue sticks.
From the Heart
We all know someone who wraps the most beautiful packages--so beautiful you don't want to open them! Why not give them a gift of these out-of-the-ordinary gift wrap adornments?

Nutrition Information:

1 Serving (1 icicle wrap)
        Exchanges: Free*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.