Homestyle Fluffy White Frosting Mix


7.2 oz

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trisha111369 said: Posted: 7/20/2015 12:21 PM
I would love to write a review........but I can no longer find this product "Home style fluffy white frosting mix" anywhere. I always used it on my angle food cakes. It save time from making 7 minute frosting over a hot stove. Please bring it back!!!!! I would buy a case of it from you direct! Kroger needs a number for the product. Of coarse I can't get. Patricia Beer ptrcbeer8@hotmail.com
lklugar said: Posted: 6/2/2015 9:39 AM
Making angel food cake with Fluffy White frosting is a huge tradition in our house. This is the cake and frosting that must be made for my husbands and all three of my son's birthdays. And my mother-in-law cakes... and my mom's cake (she is 88 this month!). Not to mention, this is our Baby Jesus cake that we make and eat every Christmas Eve. We must have our fluffy frosting, it is our family tradition.
MaryAnnK12 said: Posted: 3/30/2015 6:21 PM
This is the best frosting to use on an Betty Crocker Angel Food cake mix. My problem is I can't find the Fluffy White frosting mix any where Help me I live in Henderson Colorado
wildcatphoto said: Posted: 3/10/2015 9:16 PM
I won't use any other kind. I've always used Fluffy White, and I go without frosting rather than to use anything else. I cannot imagine why it would be gone. My grandmother and mother used it, and I've always used it. But I can't find it in the stores.
SparkyCinnyJack said: Posted: 1/23/2015 11:39 PM
You need to bring this product back. Don't you read any of these reviews. You have hundreds of people who are begging you to bring this item back. Have you ever heard of lost sales. well you are missing out of a lot of money. Do as a throw back retro memories days gone by comfort food remember when campaign. I know you will be surprised how good the sales would be on this product if you did a promotion telling all these upset clients. And even if you didn't want to spend the money on advertising that you brought this back. You would be amazed how many people starting posting it on the internet. I know I would let all the websites know. Social Media is huge and the way of the future. Just sell it right here!! Not by the case though maybe 6 pack size. Please Bring It Back!! otherwise I might have to boycott Betty Crocker items. I have 2 of your cookbooks. One was my Mom's the other was my Grandma's. She died 17 years ago at 89 years old so I know they are very old but awesome book. Thanks`,Laura Dix P.S. bring it back
bilwil said: Posted: 1/9/2015 5:48 AM
I love this frosting, why did you quit making it?
darann said: Posted: 9/22/2014 3:22 PM
I love this frosting but can't find it anywhere. Family members are asking me to make it. Where can I get it?
mactpj said: Posted: 9/3/2014 9:05 AM
I love this product! why can I not find it on my local store shelves.
TJ0312 said: Posted: 6/17/2014 8:07 PM
This frosting mixed with coconut water made the most awesome coconut frosting for a coconut cake. It was both my mom and aunts favorite cake I made for them...I lost them both but so want to make this cake for my grandson but, i can't find the frosting any where. I ordered some on amazon but don't understand why it got taken off the market.
kdmrn said: Posted: 6/13/2014 10:54 AM
I am sooooo upset to discover that you have taken your Homestyle Fluffy frosting off the market. All of my life my mother has made me a Strawberry cake for my birthday and the fluffy white frosting is what makes it the best...tomorrow is my birthday and I wont get my cake now..PLEASE bring it back..we need to hold on to the old traditions in this country--not throw them out for new fangled products like the premade cannister types which are disgusting.
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