Potato Buds

Betty Crocker Potato Buds

Made with 100% real potatoes, just like home. And perfect for gluten-free diets.

For the same great taste you know and love, milk should be added AFTER water and butter are brought to a boil. Following the old directions of combining all elements before boiling leads to mashed potatoes with a gummy texture.

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gangleshanks said: Posted: 4/5/2014 3:07 PM
I have no earthly idea why you changed your once wonderful product. The original Potato Buds were flakes that made the best mashed potatoes and the best coating for fish. The new product tastes horrible and will not adequately coat fish. Ever hear the old saying: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" I purchased 2 boxes of your Potato Buds last week. . .now I have two boxes to throw in the trash! What a waste of money! You just lost another customer. . .
LynnKathy said: Posted: 4/2/2014 3:03 PM
I agree 100% with everyone here! Made them last night. Bad...Bad...Bad! Just like flour. No amount of butter, salt, or milk would help! What a shame. I feel the same way as...Below. "The fact that you dare to call your "new" product Potato BUDS, I believe is a shocking case of false advertising. Last week I finished off a box of ORIGINAL Potato Buds I'd had for a while and last evening I opened a new box I just purchased earlier this week. I knew the minute I opened the box that what came out was a completely different product than what was in the old box I polished off last week. These are now FLAKES (not the crumbly looking BUDS of days gone buy). So the name of the product is now a big fat lie. But to be fair I gave them a try using the directions on the box, noting that it now called for more potato product (in relation to water) than the original directions, and the result was so inferior and didn't even come close to the fluffy potatoes from the original product. Had I been planning to serve this to company, I would have had to change my menu at the last moment because these were better suited for dry wall paste than human consumption. I have been buying your original Potato BUDS since forever and they were hands down the best alternative to mashing fresh potatoes, but no more. You have absolutely ruined the most outstanding mashed potato product on the market and you've lost another very loyal customer. I will also be returning the opened package to my supermarket for a refund. Perhaps if enough consumers do the same you'll get the message that putting an inferior product in falsely labeled packaging is not the way to keep long standing or generate new consumers".
Erlyn said: Posted: 2/14/2014 1:57 PM
Are you paying any attention to those of us who are dismayed by the new product? I was relieved to find I had company, and, after long loyalty will try just about anything else. Plan: test Idaho Spuds, which I used to skip.
lucianya said: Posted: 1/27/2014 4:54 AM
I love the mashed potatoes. I also love to make the oven baked chicken with them.
Theotherone said: Posted: 1/5/2014 10:34 AM
I bought Potato Buds the other day to feed my kids who were recovering from the flu. I told them that when I was a kid Potato Buds were the only thing I could eat when I had an upset stomach. When I opened the box, I knew there was a major change! When I prepare them, I knew it wasn't a good change! My kids couldn't stomach them and I couldn't blame them - they are awful. Like glue. I assured them that the old Buds were delightful. It's sad that they're gone.
Howardo said: Posted: 1/3/2014 3:38 PM
Haven't used this product in a while. We have a number of recipes that use potato buds (they are not buds any more), they are useless now. This product is not really edible. We made a something called hamburger pie. Well no one could eat it. We had to throw it out and we wasted $7.61 on chop meat and the potato buds them selves. What a disappointment.
oldhippiechick said: Posted: 12/21/2013 7:24 PM
I forgot "Potato Buds" aren't buds anymore. Might as well buy Hungry Jack.
SCmomto3 said: Posted: 11/30/2013 6:08 PM
My family used to love Potato Buds,but this new "improved" product is almost inedible.I followed the "updated directions" and the texture was like school paste.They also taste terrible and I tried to doctor them up to improve the flavor with no success.You should really bring back the old Potato Buds because they were wonderful.I now use Idaho Spuds Signature potato bits-not quite the same as the old Potato Buds but a decent substitute.
Dr_Otter said: Posted: 11/29/2013 11:23 PM
I suspect that Betty Crocker had the same consulting firm do their taste panels as was used preparatory for the New Coke debacle. The difference is that the Coca-Cola Company didn't take very long to realize they had made a mistake and re-introduced Coke Classic. I've given up hope for the release of "Potato Buds Classic." For my part, after decades of preferring Potato Buds, I'm using only Idahoan brand instant potatoes. They are pretty darn good.
dyingforgoodpotatoes said: Posted: 11/25/2013 6:40 PM
PLEASE bring back the old potato buds. By all means, keep the gluten free ones, but bring back the old ones. I used to eat just potatoes and gravy when I didn't feel like eating anything else. And that was alot.I can't find anything else comparable, and no matter how I prepare the new ones, they aren't even close. The texture is way off, and for me, that's a very big deal. It's not the same flavor, either. The new ones leave me with a stomach ache. I have been craving the old potato buds since they were taken off the shelves. PLEASE bring back the old ones. Is there a reason the original ones were removed? Was there an ingredient that was banned, or found to be really unhealthy? I just can't understand why they aren't being made anymore. I am begging, please, please, PLEASE bring back the old potato buds. Thank you.
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