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Brooke McLay

Blogger - Cheeky Kitchen
Brooke McLay is a food writer, recipe creator, and food photographer for Disney's Babble.com, BettyCrocker.com, and her own site CheekyKitchen.com, where she serves up family friendly recipes with a plant-based diet twist. She lives for her four children, long walks in the fresh air, and vegan vanilla cupcakes.
May 29, 2012
Tired of grilled zucchini? Shake things up with 13 incredible zucchini recipes ranging from sweet treats to savory dinners. READ MORE
May 16, 2013
Stumped over what to do with all that rhubarb in your summer garden? Here are 15 recipes that will have you rhubarb wild! READ MORE
September 4, 2013
Ready to get your trail mix rockin'? Here's how to make three delicious, dessert-inspired treats in just minutes! READ MORE
February 21, 2010
Bisquick – one little yellow box, hundreds of totally delicious recipes. READ MORE
January 31, 2013
Turn up the flavor at your kitchen table with these quick, easy shellfish ideas! READ MORE
February 21, 2012
Don't just sip it. From beer to bourbon, booze tastes great when added to main dishes, desserts and more! READ MORE
May 14, 2012
Amaranth isn't just a whole grain. It's a super-healthy, totally fun whole grain that you're going to love! READ MORE
October 2, 2011
Banana bread is a classic, but its flavor profile doesn't have to be one dimensional. Here’s how you can turn a few simple ingredients into a moist, flavorful banana loaf in no time at all! READ MORE
July 22, 2011
Turn a box of cake mix into these clever, colorful cookies in a matter of minutes. It's a bright and festive way to say “Happy Birthday!” READ MORE
December 26, 2011
Indulge in gourmet flavor without indulging in calories! These pretty little Boston Cream Bites are a fun twist on plain old cupcakes. READ MORE
April 5, 2012
Celebrate spring with these adorable bunny cake pops. READ MORE
November 12, 2011
Pumpkin pie is one thing. But take all the flavor of pumpkin pie, mix it with a creamy filling, stuff it into caramel-drizzled cannoli shells and you’ve got a dessert to remember! READ MORE
February 16, 2012
A comfort food classic, macaroni and cheese is even better with veggies, chicken and a crispy topping. READ MORE
December 4, 2011
Sweet cinnamon roll cookies combine all of your favorite flavors into an easy-to-make dessert! READ MORE
September 7, 2012
You can make amazing fudge in just minutes with two easy ingredients: Betty Crocker® Rich & Creamy Frosting and chocolate chips. READ MORE
February 14, 2012
Add a bit of magic to your breakfast table this morning with five fun new pancake flavors! READ MORE
October 2, 2011
Betty Crocker’s super-talented food editor, Kristen Olson, shows blogger Brooke McLay a few secrets of the Betty Crocker Kitchens…and shares an incredible cookie recipe. READ MORE
June 24, 2011
Taste summer with this simple grilled corn. The addition of Parmesan butter with fresh dill adds a mild, seasonal flavor that is simply delicious. READ MORE
October 27, 2011
Here's how to turn this adorable idea into a simple, eye-catching Halloween treat! READ MORE
September 9, 2013
Eating a little healthier is easy with these simple ideas for swapping out butter, fats and oils. READ MORE
March 3, 2012
Turn your kitchen into an art studio with this quick and simple recipe for homemade finger paints! READ MORE
February 18, 2013
Get to know your root veggies! Turnips, parsnips, and rutabagas, along with other less-than-loved vegetables are making comeback. Here’s how to cook with them. READ MORE
January 3, 2011
Get to know your root veggies! Turnips, parsnips and rutabagas, along with other "underground" vegetables, are making a comeback. Here’s how to cook with them. READ MORE
August 29, 2013
Start a summertime project that connects friends and tasty treats all year long. READ MORE
July 15, 2012
Chocolate-dipped strawberries are the ultimate, decadent treat. Here are 3 easy tricks to making professional-quality chocolate strawberries at home. READ MORE
August 24, 2012
Your kids will love this chocolatly snack mix, and you'll love knowing it's full of nutrition! READ MORE
February 1, 2012
A real-world look at the real world kitchen of a food blogger, mom, and Betty Crocker gal. READ MORE
February 25, 2012
Turn your kitchen into a wellness center with these fun and easy ideas! READ MORE
January 31, 2012
This crazy-good snack featuring Peanut Butter Cheerios® cereal is totally irresistible. READ MORE
May 22, 2013
Get dinner on the table fast with these three incredibly delicious pasta dishes, that call for just three ingredients! READ MORE
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