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Becky Rosenthal

Blogger - The Vintage Mixer
Without shame Becky Rosenthal romanticizes her grandmother's era. Perhaps she's a victim of Golden Age thinking, but she believes her grandma could teach us a few things about hosting a party, warming up a room, welcoming strangers, cooking for them and striking up a conversation. We could all benefit from sitting down around a great meal and simply enjoying our families and friends more often. Her recipes and cooking style reflect a better, simpler time where hosting mattered more than Facebook and conversations happened face to face. You'll find Becky and her kitchen in Salt Lake City, Utah where she loves to review local restaurants and happenings at theSLCfoodie.com.
April 14, 2014
Bring on spring with all of its green glory, starting with this comforting gratin! READ MORE
March 26, 2014
Doughnut lovers rejoice! We’ve got a fruit-filled glazed doughnut you can bake right in your muffin pan, no special equipment required. READ MORE
February 11, 2014
Betty blogger Becky Rosenthal toasts Valentine’s Day with a pair of cocktails you’ll both enjoy. READ MORE
January 21, 2014
Betty Blogger Becky Rosenthal discovers a delicious weeknight chicken dish in Betty’s “Guide to Easy Entertaining.” READ MORE
January 13, 2014
An ideal freeze-ahead meal, these meatless burritos are as versatile as they are delicious. READ MORE
December 25, 2013
A classic spread right out of Betty’s Party Book, this taste of the past, starring an easy-to-make yeast bread, is perfectly fit for today. READ MORE
December 6, 2013
Give spaghetti squash a try this winter with this easy-to-make recipe. READ MORE
November 7, 2013
Find a beautiful squash and enjoy this simple recipe, a perfect side for cozy fall dinners. READ MORE
October 1, 2013
In search of an easy fall dinner, Betty blogger Becky Rosenthal reinterprets her grandma’s chicken recipe and reaps delectable results. READ MORE
September 16, 2013
For a kid-approved snack that’s easy on mom and tasty for all, try these no-bake cereal bars from Betty Crocker’s “Guide to Easy Entertaining,” first published in 1959. READ MORE
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