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Megan DeKok is just a redhead who likes to spend most of her time in the kitchen. Growing up with a mom who cooked constantly turned her against store-bought jams and breads because, "Why buy it when it can be made at home?" On her blog, she loves to remix childhood favorites, as well as experiment with new ideas like Berry Crumble Ice Cream, and turning cakes savory with her Foccacia Cake. When she's not thinking about food, she's probably walking her pup, Elliot, or making decorations for her next party.
August 18, 2014
For a meatless meal with loads of flavor, try these saucy sandwiches, made with crispy-fried zucchini and melted cheese. READ MORE
March 29, 2014
Turn run-of-the-mill sugar cookies into works of art by painting over icing with luster dust! READ MORE
January 19, 2014
Cancel out the sins of your weekend with a salad so fresh, it’ll change how you think about the mighty Caesar. READ MORE
May 1, 2014
This one-bowl coffee cake recipe is definitely worth reviving. READ MORE
September 17, 2014
These pie bars, with a streusel crunch and pumpkin-y soul, will win the hearts of even the pickiest pie eaters. READ MORE
February 19, 2014
Prepping this French toast the night before makes it a brunch-time breeze. READ MORE
November 25, 2014
Serve up these bite-sized, make-ahead mashed potato dreams at your next brunch or dinner party! READ MORE
March 7, 2015
Double-down on irresistible French-toast flavors with this indulgent breakfast made with French Toast Crunch™ cereal.
December 27, 2013
Start your day off right with these flaky mini pastries. READ MORE
April 4, 2014
This dreamy snack cake packs a wallop of sweet maple-banana flavor. READ MORE
September 17, 2013
Betty blogger Megan DeKok toasts autumn’s arrival with a cozy picnic for friends, featuring unfussy fare, a fresh-from-the-orchard cider cocktail and an easy make-ahead dessert. READ MORE
April 13, 2014
These three-bite beauties are bound to stand out at your next brunch. READ MORE
May 15, 2014
Give boring lunches the boot and pack one of these pretty, protein-filled salads in your lunchbox. READ MORE
July 19, 2014
Betty blogger Megan DeKok turns her go-to green smoothie into a wholesome, grab-and-go delight. READ MORE
March 20, 2015
Chex cereal + marshmallow + butter + a myriad of mix-in options = the no-bake treat you’ve been waiting for. READ MORE
October 1, 2013
In honor of National Cookie Month, we asked Betty blogger Megan DeKok to share her favorite way of spreading kindness. (Three-word hint: Giant. Chocolate. Crinkles.) READ MORE
February 14, 2014
With make-ahead crusts and fun toppings like heart-shaped pepperoni, panko-crusted chicken tenders and a variety of cheeses, this festive dinner idea is guaranteed to spread the love. READ MORE
April 10, 2014
Fill your Easter-dinner bread basket with these adorable, bunny-shaped rolls. READ MORE
January 14, 2014
Betty blogger Megan DeKok shares recipes and make-ahead tips for hosting a stress-free brunch fiesta. READ MORE
November 3, 2013
Putting together an irresistible cheese plate shouldn’t be intimidating! Here are my top tips and favorite combos for party-perfect presentations. READ MORE
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