Kayla Knudson

Managing Editor - Bettycrocker.com
Fueled by an affinity for gold flatware and oversized bowls, managing editor Kayla Knudson is on a never-ending quest to find the world’s best bowl of ice cream. A planner and list-maker at heart, she lives for a good dinner party (especially when port is involved) and a great playlist—preferably with lots of Van Morrison.
May 9, 2013
Ahoy, mateys! Swashbuckling good times await all young pirates brave enough to join Betty Crocker’s high seas adventure. READ MORE
June 6, 2013
Time to say so long to school and hello to summer break. Why not mark the occasion with a bus-stop breakfast? READ MORE
July 1, 2013
Nothing brings people together faster than ice cream, and Betty has everything you need to host a crowd—right down to the brandied cherry on top. READ MORE
July 10, 2013
Parties don’t have to be perfect affairs planned down to the last detail; they can be the exact opposite—spontaneous, in-the-moment celebrations of life as it happens (without the banners, balloons and matching napkins). Our new summer series pairs fun… READ MORE
July 23, 2013
This week we’re celebrating BFFs with a game of cookie checkers, friendship bracelets and the perfect picnic for two. READ MORE
July 30, 2013
5 new reasons to rise and shine, from cereal pancakes to frozen smoothies. READ MORE
August 6, 2013
Pack your bags! We’re hitting the open road with fun ideas for keeping little campers busy in the backseat—from the best snacks to mobile apps. READ MORE
August 8, 2013
We’ve paved the way for you to construct the perfect birthday party for the budding builder in your life, construction cake included. READ MORE
August 8, 2013
For a birthday party of prehistoric proportions, think dinosaurs. Betty’s Jurassic-era bash comes complete with an easy-to-make T-Rex birthday cake, Brontosaurus cookie bones and simple dollar-store party favors. READ MORE
August 9, 2013
Here’s a party where monkeying around isn’t off limits—it’s encouraged! Go bananas with our menu, downloads and party tips galore. READ MORE
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