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Pancake Bar Brunch

Give your guests the gift of choice–cream cheese pancakes or plain, syrup or fruit–and watch ‘em eat happy.

Pancake Station

Set up a pancake station with electric griddles, pancake turners and squeeze bottles of pancake batter or ladles. 

Make it Your Way

Let guests create their perfect pancake by providing different kinds of batter available along with stir-ins such as fresh fruit, chocolate chips and nuts. In another area, set out butters, toppings and syrups for guests to adding finishing touches.

Avoid Griddle-Lock 

Serving a large number of guests? Consider setting up set up two or three workstations. If you’d like to cook the pancakes yourself, place them on an ovenproof pate and cover loosely with aluminum foil and keep in a 200º oven for up to 1 hour. 

Chart it Out 

Not sure how much to make? We’ve got you covered.

Pancakes (3 to 4 pancakes per serving)

Bisquick® Buying Guide

(1/4 cup per serving)

(3 slices per serving)

4 servings

1 recipe

One 40-ounce box

1 cup

3/4 pound

10 servings

3 recipes

One 40-ounce box

2 1/2 cups

1 1/2 pounds

20 servings

5 recipes

Two 40-ounce boxes

5 cups

3 pounds

40 servings

10 recipes

Four 40-ounce boxes

10 cups

6 pounds

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