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Farm Animal Ice Cream Sandwiches

Cool off in the kitchen with the kids this summer and create your own animal-shaped ice cream sandwiches together.

Summer is here and it's time for to break out the frosty treats that will cool you down in the summer heat. Instead of spending a fortune every time the ice cream truck rolls around, my daughters and I started making our own ice cream sandwiches. They are a cinch to make using these Farm Animal Ice Cream Sandwich Makers and my kiddos have a blast helping to make these special treats. The best part is you can have fun mixing and matching your favorite ice cream and cookie flavors to create the sandwich of your family’s dreams. 

For this batch of ice cream sandwiches, the girls and I decided to make one batch using sugar cookies and another using brownies.

There are recipes included with the Farm Animal Ice Cream Sandwich Makers or you can simply use your favorite refrigerated cookie dough or shortcut cookie mix. The chewier the cookie, the better luck you’ll have when assembling your sandwiches. 

Start by preparing your cookie dough or brownie batter, spreading evenly to be 1/8- to ½-inch thick layer on a greased jelly roll pan.

Bake dough according to the recipe. My girls had a blast playing with the molds while we waited for the cookies to bake, making our favorite farm animal noises.
Once the cookies and brownies are done, allow them to cool for a few minutes before cutting. Using the sleeve of the molds, cut two cookies per ice cream sandwich.
After cookies are cut out, allow them to cool on a cooling rack.
Now the magic begins! Place one cookie at the bottom of the mold.
Place one scoop of your favorite ice cream inside the mold. We used strawberry and cookie flavored ice cream. (This step is easier if your ice cream is softened slightly!)
Finally, place a second cookie on top of the ice cream and press down using the other half of the fun-shaped mold.
Ta-da! You’re done!
Serve your sandwiches immediately, or wrap each one individually and place in freezer for a treat later on.

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