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Yoplait Greek Blended

It's not just our editors who love Yoplait's Greek blended blueberry yogurt! Yoplait recently put on a blind national taste test, and nearly two out of three consumers preferred the taste of Yoplait Greek blueberry over the same Chobani® Greek fruit-on-the-bottom flavor.

I’m usually a plain yogurt, granola and fresh fruit-for-breakfast gal, but I’m always game for testing out a new-product sample, so I brought the blueberry flavor home. I ended up pleasantly surprised by the fresh fruit flavor of the blueberries—there were even several full berries in the cup I got!—and how well it paired with some barely sweetened ancient grains granola. —Erin Madsen, executive editor

To help get through the (darker-than-I’d-like) mornings, I’ve been whipping up fruity smoothies to sip on my drive to work. The key ingredient? Yoplait’s new blended Greek yogurt in coconut. Pair one carton with a handful of frozen fruit—mango chunks, dark cherries and sliced overripe bananas are all staples in my freezer—and a splash of milk, and I have a nutritious smoothie that takes my taste buds back to summer, and less than three minutes to prepare. Meghan McAndrews, senior editor

I opted for the strawberry-raspberry blend. The flavor was sweet, with a hint of the tartness that makes Greek yogurt so good. The fact that it is pre-blended meant each bite I took was equally creamy and delicious. On its own, this flavor makes for a great afternoon treat to quell hunger; mixed with granola, it could be part of a fruity, filling breakfast. Claire Davidson, associate editor

Yoplait is a registered trademark of YOPLAIT MARQUES (France) used under license. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. ©2014 Yoplait USA, Inc. In a national, double-blind, 300-person taste test, consumers said Yoplait Greek Blueberry yogurt tastes better than Chobani® Blueberry Fruit on the Bottom yogurt.