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Totino’s Mexican-Style Party Pizza

Our taco pizza-loving editors give Totino’s recently reissued Mexican pizza a family-friendly dinnertime twist.

Executive Editor
Taste Test: Totino’s Mexican-Style Party Pizza
It all started with a little Facebook campaign that made a big difference. Super fan David Hlavac lobbied Totino’s to bring back his favorite discontinued Mexican-style pizza, and Totino’s was certainly listening, because last March, the long-forgotten pizza made a limited-edition return to grocers’ freezers across the country. (Check out the hilarious video of the Totino’s team surprising David with the news!) And, sure, you can pop the classic cracker crust pizza in the oven as-is for a quick trip down memory lane, but we decided to top it with Chicken Ranch Tacos, one of our highest-rated taco recipes—made easy with a rotisserie chicken and Green Giant Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chips—for a real-deal taco pizza. The result? Creamy and crunchy with just enough spice and cool toppings to delight four taco-pizza-loving editors. 

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