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Salted Brown Butter Rice Chex Bars

This grown-up twist on a childhood-favorite treat is one we simply can’t resist.

Executive Editor
Last Christmas my mother-in-law gave me “The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook”—Deb Perelman’s incredible first cookbook, named after her crazy-successful blog—and as I do with all new cookbooks, I started dog-earing recipes according to must-make urgency. Filed under the most urgent category? Salted Brown Butter Crispy Treats, page 201. (The recipe is also on the Smitten Kitchen blog!) These salty-sweet darlings are like your favorite marshmallow crispy bars, only a million times better and just grown-up enough to serve at a dinner party as a fuss-free dessert. And since my husband and I avoid gluten when we can, I usually make these with Rice Chex, because the texture and size of the cereal makes the bars even better, which really sounds impossible. But it is possible! My one tip is to use mini marshmallows because they melt so much faster, which is another reason this is my go-to dessert when I’m strapped for time (I usually have all the ingredients on hand). Oh, and another thing: make sure to save a big bar for yourself, because these will disappear faster than you would believe.

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