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Nibblr: Snacks at Your Service

Meet your mid-morning or late-afternoon helper: Nibblr. It’s the new snacking service that delivers delicious snacks in more than 50 varieties right to your door.

Let’s face it: no one’s immune to those mid-morning or late-afternoon hunger pangs. You know, that grumble in your stomach that pretty much demands to be heard. While we love to be prepared when it comes to food, we often forget to pack a simple, satisfying snack to tide us over until our next meal. The result? Eyeing down that breakroom vending machine like it’s our last option on Earth. 

No need, boasts Nibblr, the new snack service that delivers crave-worthy snacks to your home, office, or wherever else you enter into snacking survival mode. You can choose to have your snacks delivered weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, depending on what suits you. Four different snack mixes come in one handy Nibblr box, and the site already offers more than 55 varieties—each a unique blend of flavors.

Once we began sampling our snacks (everything from Chai It, You’ll Like It to Tokyo Heatwave) we were hooked. What’s even better, after snacking you get to rate what you liked, loved or weren’t so crazy about. The ratings tell Nibblr what flavors you prefer so they can tailor your snack boxes to your preferences. Nibblr-Snacks-at-Your-Service_01
All you have to do to start snacking is subscribe! Plus, we’re letting you in on a little secret since we love it so much: first timers can use the code “BETTY” to get one free box with registration! Consider it a belated New Year’s gift from some fellow snack enthusiasts.

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