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This Week in the Betty Crocker Kitchens: June 23-27

Take a peek behind the scenes to see what Betty’s industrious test-kitchen experts are working on this week.

  1. Love is in the air! Our kitchen experts whipped up a gorgeous mini version of the cake (lemon with raspberry filling and creamy vanilla frosting) they created for Betty’s social media manager’s wedding day. 
  2. Every day the counters in our test kitchens are covered in a vast array of food—from cereal-coated chicken tenders to slow-cooker egg bakes—but we especially love days like this, when our experts are packing up 400-plus cupcakes to bring to a local event. 
  3. Always honing their skills, the Betty kitchen experts got a lesson in knife-sharpening—“a sharp knife is a safe knife!”—from two of our chef-trained food editors. 
  4. It’s not easy to find a great gluten-free pizza crust, but Betty’s new gluten-free pizza mix totally delivers. Even better? Our food editors tested it in many different forms, and even created a deep-dish version we can’t wait to try (recipe coming soon!). 
  5. Our editors always have their eyes peeled for great vintage Betty-approved baking goodies like this mint-condition Kromex cake carrier used to carefully transport precious cargo (aka our new lemon cream cheese bundt cake with lemon glaze). 
  6. Holidays are Betty’s time to really shine, and our editors are gearing up for a show-stopping Fourth of July by whipping up fun new red, white and blue treats.

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