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Classic Christmas Brunch

Classic Christmas Brunch

Classic Christmas Brunch

Ideas so warm and cozy Santa will be tempted to stay for more than milk and cookies.


Making Breakfast Sprits Bright

Butter Goes Festive 
• Use tiny star holiday cookie cutters to make festive pats of butter. 
• Another way to make festive pats is to place softened butter in holiday ice-cube molds, freeze, and then pop out to serve. 
Holiday Garnishes 
• Dust springs of fresh rosemary or frozen cranberries with powdered sugar to create a snowy look.  
• Cut shapes from slices of red and green peppers using holiday cookie cutters to garnish quiche and cheese to top slices of egg bake. 
Settings that Sparkle 
• Save bows, ribbons and wrapping paper while opening presents and challenge everyone to create their own place setting.  
• Another idea is draw names and create a setting for the person whose name you drew.   

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