Taste Test: Green Giant Veggie Blend-Ins

Find out what happens when one of our editors adds spinach purée to one of her favorite desserts.

Managing Editor
Admittedly, I could use more vegetables in my diet (a lot more vegetables). So when Green Giant’s new Veggie Blend-Ins hit the market, I was eager to put them to the test. What struck me was how easy they are to incorporate into dinners I already eat like tacos and mac and cheese. But what didn’t occur to me until looking through these recipes is that they’re just as easily added to desserts! So I baked up a box of brownies and instead of adding oil, I used a pack of 100% spinach purée. The texture and taste were good and I got an extra serving of vegetables to boot. For more sneaky veggie ideas, visit VeggieBlendins.com.

Available Veggie Blend-Ins flavors: 100% Carrot Purée, 100% Squash Purée, 100% Spinach Purée
Good for: Adding extra servings of vegetables to your favorite dishes—desserts included.

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