Green Giant Corn Niblets

Discover quick and easy ways to transform this humble cupboard staple into three party-perfect appetizers that'll wow the crowd.

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Few things in life are certain, but these things I know to be true: bite-size foods make for the best appetizers, time spent with friends is never a waste, and you can make almost anything with a can of corn.

My go-to can has always been Green Giant Niblets, specifically the extra-sweet variety in the 11-ounce can. Warmed on the stove with a pat of butter, it’s the perfect side for a family of four. But the merits of Niblets don’t end there.

Mixed with a chopped tomato, sliced avocado, green onions and fresh cilantro, they make for a Corn and Avocado Salsa you won’t be able to stop eating (within seconds of taking this photo, the bowl was empty and the editors were happy). Add Bisquick to the mix and you’ve got crunchy, colorful Mini Corn Cakes in just 25 minutes. For my last trick I made Spicy Chorizo-Cheese Balls, and even though the recipe called for Southwestern-style corn, I didn’t think anything was lost by using my beloved Niblets.

There’s something ultra satisfying about taking a cupboard staple and transforming it into three completely different (and totally delicious) appetizers to share with friends. What are you favorite corn recipes? Share below in the comments!

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