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3 Scrumptious Sheet-Pan Suppers

For a beautiful meal that doesn’t require a lot of fuss, try one of these all-in-one sheet-pan recipes.

Betty Bloggers
3 Scrumptious Sheet Pan Suppers
Even though we both work around food all day, every day for a living, there’s still something magical to us about sheet-pan suppers. Instead of having to juggle a multitude of pots, pans and timers, these beautiful meals bake together on one pan, requiring only a stir or two, allowing us time before dinner to set the table, help with homework or simply unwind with a glass of wine. Sure, there’s a bit of prep work involved for all three, but we’d much rather spend time at the cutting board than at the sink doing dishes. If you’re new to the sheet-pan supper concept, here are a few of our top tips for success. 

Equipment: Rimmed metal baking sheets are perfect for roasting, as are stoneware or glass roasting pans. Just be sure to use the appropriate size pan for the amount of servings you are making, ensuring there’s enough room in the pan so you can stir contents easily. 

Preparation: The size that your veggies are diced will determine the roasting time, with larger pieces taking longer to cook through. No matter the size, it’s essential to dice your items uniformly, so they cook evenly. If you’re making up your own recipe, start with the longer roasting items, and add quicker cooking items towards the end. 

Temperature: Unlike feast meals, where low and slow is the way to go (think turkey, pot roast, pork shoulder, etc.), for these weeknight sheet-pan meals, you’ve got to crank the heat. Preheating your oven to 450° F will ensure that proteins are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside and that veggies are cooked all the way through in rapid time. 

Now that you know the basics, here are three delicious recipes to get you started!

One-Pan Curried Chicken Dinner

This flavorful curry roast is so much easier than making a traditional Indian curry and is just as delicious. Roasting bone-in chicken thighs adds tons of flavor to this dish, but if you’d prefer to use boneless chicken breasts, you will need to nestle them down into the vegetables to keep them more moist. You can also add diced potatoes to the vegetable mixture during roasting if you would like, just use a bigger roasting pan. Or if you’d like to spice the mixture up, try adding minced jalapeno peppers when adding the green onions. It’s filling enough on its own, but also tastes great with basmati rice or naan bread on the side.

One-Pan Roasted Pork Loin Dinner with Bacon, Brussels Sprouts and Red Potatoes
One-Pan Roasted Pork Loin Dinner with Bacon, Brussels Sprouts and Red Potatoes 

This hearty pork roast dinner tastes incredible during chilly winter months. If you’re not a fan of Brussels sprouts, you can substitute cubed butternut squash. The trick to extra-juicy pork is to let it rest before slicing, so that the juices in the meat can redistribute themselves throughout the roast. If you slice the roast prematurely all those flavorful juices will just run right out onto your cutting board. To keep the roast pork warm while resting, tent it with aluminum foil.

One-Pan Mediterranean Roasted Fish Dinner
One-Pan Mediterranean Roasted Fish Dinner 

The zesty Mediterranean flavors of this dinner are aromatic and flavorful. Not a fan of cod? Try using salmon portions, or even raw shrimp or scallops. To add some healthy greens to this dish, toss a few handfuls of baby kale, spinach or arugula on top of the roasting pan during the last 5 minutes of roasting and allow to wilt on top. This dish is great served on its own, or you can round it out with rice, pasta, potatoes, salad greens or crusty bread.

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