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Slow Cooker Strawberry Cheesecake for Two

Keep your kitchen cool this summer by making individual cheesecakes in your slow cooker. Give it a try!

Cheesecake is one of those classic comforting desserts for me. It’s sweet, creamy and great any time of the year. But when I make a traditional large cheesecake, I always end up giving half of it away. So for this recipe, I make just-right portions in two small ramekins, which make a good-sized dessert for one or two. (I like to split mine with my son, while my husband gets one whole cheesecake for himself.)
Best of all, I prepare these individual cheesecakes in the slow cooker, so we can enjoy the fabulous flavor without heating up the house! Cooking them in the slow cooker in a water bath keeps them super moist and creamy. The steam cooks them and prevents them from drying out. 

For these cheesecakes, I use strawberry jam. But you can try them with any type of jam you like, including blackberry, raspberry or apricot.

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