Creamy Tomato Slow Cooker Chicken

Chill out and let your slow cooker slave over dinner today.

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I don’t know about you, but I run my slow cooker practically nonstop during the summer months. I love how I can set up a recipe in the morning, and then go out and enjoy the summer weather with my family, knowing that dinner is already covered. 

This Creamy Tomato Slow Cooker Chicken recipe is a staple ‘round my house. The tangy sauce, made with pantry ingredients, keeps the meat juicy and develops an amazing flavor in the slow cooker that your family will love.

Start by spraying a 3 ½- to 4-quart slow cooker with non-stick cooking spray. Lay chicken breasts at the bottom of the slow cooker and top with garlic, basil, oregano and basil. Creamy-Tomato-Slow-Cooker-Chicken _02
In a separate bowl, add tomatoes, Old El Paso® Roasted Tomato Mexican Cooking Sauce and Alfredo sauce. Stir until well combined. Pour mixture over chicken breasts. Creamy-Tomato-Slow-Cooker-Chicken _03
Cover and cook on low for 5-6 hours, until chicken is cooked through. Creamy-Tomato-Slow-Cooker-Chicken _04
When cooking time is over, combine cornstarch and water in a small bowl. Mix into the slow cooker and continue cooking, uncovered on high for 5-10 minutes longer, or until the sauce thickens. Meanwhile, cook pasta as directed on package. Serve chicken atop the cooked pasta and top with optional cheese. 

Do you have any go-to summer slow cooker recipes?

Creamy-Tomato-Slow-Cooker-Chicken _hero

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