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3 Stuffed Pepper Ideas

With different fast-to-fix fillings, there are endless possibilities for making delicious stuffed peppers!

Past Contributor
Stuffed peppers are a fun way to change up your weeknight dinners. There is something fun about cooking your meal in peppers. It is a simple thing that makes your family feel like you did something special. And it adds color to your meal and table. Plus, stuffed peppers are a great way to turn leftovers into a second meal that doesn’t seem like a rerun. 

In looking for inspiration, I found that almost every country has a version of stuffed peppers. That means the recipe possibilities are endless. No matter what version, the basic steps apply to each of the recipes. Here is what you do: 

First, cut off the top of the pepper; set aside.

Photo 2 StuffedPepper
Take a knife and clean out the membranes. Photo 3 Stuffed Pepper
Photo 4 Stuffed Pepper
Once you have made your stuffing, place it in the pepper and top with cheese. Bake until the cheese melts and the peppers soften.

In exploring, I tried three different stuffed peppers. These are all meatless but all could have meat incorporated into the stuffing if desired.

1. Moroccan Couscous Stuffed Peppers

For this recipe, I used my favorite couscous. I like the sweetness of the dried fruit. You could also add chickpeas for more protein

BEAUTY Quinoa Pepper
2. Spicy Baked Peppers with Quinoa and Corn

Here, I tried quinoa for the first time. (I know...what took me so long?) I mixed it with corn and Muir Glen® Organic Fire Roasted Tomatoes with chilies. (I love their line of organic tomatoes.) It was delicious. The fire-roasted tomatoes add great flavor to this Mexican-inspired pepper.

3. Potato Stuffed Poblano Chiles

Finally, this Southwest-inspired pepper takes a poblano and stuffs it with mashed potatoes combined with green chilies, cheddar cheese and corn. Yum!

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