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Snack Ideas Using Old El Paso Tortilla Stuffers

Are you tired of the same boring snacks? Here are two flavor-filled ideas using the new Old El Paso® Tortilla Stuffers™ Meal Starter!

Existing on macaroni and cheese seems to be the plight of college students. There might be access to microwaves, but they might be hard-pressed to find some tasty and different recipe ideas. Old El Paso® has a new alternative for those boring and repetitive snacks...Tortilla Stuffers™ Meal Starter! 

I challenged my brother, a college student, to create two tasty recipes using this new product. First, he decided to try nachos. Here is what you will need...

The directions on the package were easy to follow, and the snack was ready in minutes. Old-El-Paso-Tortilla-Stuffers_03
Simply layer the ingredients and pop back in the microwave for about 45 seconds. Before you know it, you have Garlic Chili Chicken Nachos...simple, cheesy and delicious! Old-El-Paso-Tortilla-Stuffers_hero
Then he decided to make a wrap using the Carne Asada Steak flavor. Simple ingredients... Old-El-Paso-Tortilla-Stuffers_04
Wrap it all up, and you have a hearty snack for after class or for midnight study breaks! Old-El-Paso-Tortilla-Stuffers_05
Old El Paso® Tortilla Stuffers would make a great care package item for college students or anyone who is looking for quick, delicious snack ideas.

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