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How to Make Herb Compound Butter

Add a special touch to any meal with homemade compound butter.

Past Contributor
How to Make Compound Herb Butter
Elevating holiday meals doesn’t have to mean going broke. You can make a meal special with a few simple extra touches, like this compound butter. It takes about five minutes to make and then you pop it into the refrigerator to set until firm. You could make this the night before of the morning of a holiday dinner.

This fresh herb compound butter compliments meats, seafood and breads beautifully. You can substitute dried herbs for the fresh, just remember that dried herbs are more powerful so cut the amount in half.

To make your own compound butter grab your ingredients.
Compound Butter Ingredients
Mix them together. Compound Butter Step 1
Spread them onto a piece of parchment paper. Compound Butter Step 2
Roll it into a log and then twists the ends to seal. Compound Butter Step 3