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How to Make Chocolate Dream Shakes

Coffee and chocolate chips make a simple, ice cream-packed shake even more delicious!

Past Contributor
Here’s a little secret. The absolute best way to make something chocolate even more chocolaty is by adding coffee. It’s true.

When you add a little coffee to chocolate, you don’t get a ton of coffee flavor. Instead, you get a wonderful and intense chocolate essence. When we get that itch for chocolate, we turn to this shake. It’s easy, fast and chock-full of, you guessed it, chocolate!

Here’s the lineup: ice cream, coffee, chocolate chips and chocolate syrup.
Chocolate Dream Shake
Fill a blender with rich ice cream and velvety chocolate syrup. Chocolate Dream Shake
Then, boost that chocolate flavor with some cooled coffee. Chocolate Dream Shake
And just to make sure we get as much chocolate in as possible, throw in some chocolate chips. Turn the blender on and blend until smooth. Chocolate Dream Shake
Finally, add whipped cream (because we just don’t think you can call it a shake without some!) and a few more chocolate chips. Chocolate Dream Shake

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