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Sparkling Berry Gelatin Cups

It's the return of the gelatin mold! Try this fresh and healthy take on a classic dessert.

Past Contributor
When I think of the traditional gelatin mold, I think of a jiggly heap of sugary gelatin, congealed until thick around canned fruit and other such unrecognizable chunks. 

So, when I set out to revamp this retro dessert, I set out to reflect on two of the hottest trends our diets now prefer. The new and remade molds needed to be fresh. They needed to be sweet, but not too sugary. And they needed to be served in one-person cups, little mini treats that would offer a few spoonfuls of dessert without an ounce of guilt. So, my re-do of this classic dessert became cupcake-sized, mini gelatin molds, filled with sparkling gelatin and fresh berries. An easy, heart-healthy, and totally stunning modern take on the outdated original.

Sparkling Berry Gelatin Cups
Here's how to get a batch of your own mini gelatin molds. First, spray four 1/2-cup sized ramekins or reusable plastic cups with nonstick cooking spray. Sparkling Berry Gelatin Cups
Fill each cup with a fresh batch of berries. Sparkling Berry Gelatin Cups
Open a pack of unflavored gelatin and sprinkle it into a medium, plastic bowl with some granulated sugar. In keeping with the totally modern take on this recipe, I used organic sugar, which lends just a kiss of vanilla-flavor to the final product. So yummy! Sparkling Berry Gelatin Cups
Add some boiling water to your powdered gelatin and whisk together until the gelatin dissolves. Sparkling Berry Gelatin Cups
Pour ginger ale into your gelatin mixture and continue whisking until well combined. Sparkling Berry Gelatin Cups
Drizzle the gelatin mixture over your prepared berry bowls. Sparkling Berry Gelatin Cups
Fill them right to the top, covering your berries. Pop your molds into the fridge and allow the gelatin to set for about 2 hours. Sparkling Berry Gelatin Cups
Serve with a dollop of fresh-whipped cream, sweetened to taste. Spoon into your totally chic jello cups and enjoy! Sparkling Berry Gelatin Cups

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