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Three New Sliders...a Triple Threat of Flavor!

Posted By Jessica Walker
July 30, 2011

Three extreme slider recipes are guaranteed to be winners at your next picnic or gathering. The flavors are an adventure for the taste buds!


They might be small, but sliders can pack a powerful punch in just a couple of bites. Here are three flavorful ideas that will heat up your grill...and your taste buds! I learned a lot about sliders while making these recipes. The one rule I found most important? Don't overwork the meat. Because the burger patties are small, they will turn out tough if you mix the meat too much. Remember that as you embark on this flavor adventure!

Mediterranean Slider

Grilled Mediterranean Sliders
The classic and fresh taste of the Mediterranean is front and center on these little burgers. Feta cheese and oregano are stirred into the ground beef, while salty olives and sharp feta are mixed with a Greek vinaigrette to make a tasty topping. Spread some hummus on the bun, and your taste buds are on their way to a Greek vacation!

Bruschetta Slider

Grilled Bruschetta Sliders
Italian flavors are some of my favorite on the planet. Bruschetta always makes for a cool and delicious appetizer for any gathering. So how about putting those ingredients on a grilled burger? Fresh mozzarella, fire-roasted Muir Glen® tomatoes and basil are sandwiched with an Italian seasoned burger patty. Try to eat just one...I know I couldn't!

Memphis-Style Slider

Grilled Memphis-Style Sliders
My absolute favorite way to eat barbecue is how my relatives make it in Tennessee...slow-cooked pork topped with tangy BBQ sauce and cool coleslaw. Enter the Memphis-style slider! Pork is replaced with a delicious burger (which has dried onions mixed in) but the toppings are the same. The tang and heat of the sauce go perfectly with the cool, creamy coleslaw. My mouth is watering!

No matter how you top them, sliders can open up a whole world of creativity. The burger might be tiny, but the opportunities for flavor-packed fun is huge!

They might be tiny, but these little grilled sliders burst with Mediterranean flavors.

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All the fresh flavors of Italy on a delicious grilled slider!

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Do you enjoy Memphis-style pulled pork sandwich topped with coleslaw and BBQ sauce? Then you will love this tasty grilled slider! A delicious taste of the south in a small bite!

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