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How to Season a Turkey

Betty’s four favorite ways to season a turkey—for Thanksgiving or a big family dinner just because.

Not sure how to season a turkey for Thanksgiving or an anytime family dinner? Consider one of Betty’s four favorite options:
  1. Rub an herb mixture of rosemary, sage, salt, pepper and garlic into the turkey before roasting with our Herb Scented Roast Turkey with Cornbread Stuffing.
  2. Brush your bird with a butter mixture—not to mention some wine, thyme and other goodies—with our Oven Roasted Turkey Breast.
  3. Prepare a sweet cranberry-apple glaze when you make the ever-popular Glazed Roast Turkey with Cranberry Stuffing.
  4. Get back to the basics with melted butter and salt with our simple and classic Roast Turkey.