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Chicken Pad Thai

There’s no reason to order takeout when you can make delicious pad thai at home!

Past Contributor
My family and I love Thai food. The spices and rich depth of flavors are so delicious. I started cooking Thai recipes last year when I realized we were spending a fortune going out to dinner to enjoy these dishes. Once I realized how easy it was to find the ingredients needed to make simple Thai recipes, I started experimenting. 

In very little time, I can whip up a meal that is fresh and loaded with taste. (And leftovers are awesome for lunch or dinner the next day.) 

Another great thing about Thai dishes is that you can get creative and add what your family likes. For instance, traditional pad thai calls for eggs, which my son hates. So I make half of the dish with eggs and the other half without. Special orders don’t upset me! 

I like to prepare my recipes in a wok, but a large frying pan works just as well. There really isn’t any need to buy special pots and pans. The secret to success is using distinct ingredients, like fish sauce, that can be found in most grocery stores.

Chicken Pad Thai
The other little trick to making pad thai is soaking or partially cooking the rice noodles and draining them before stir-frying. Putting it all together is very simple once you get used to this fast style of cooking. Chicken Pad Thai

Chicken Pad Thai

Chicken Pad Thai
Next time you are in the mood for Thai food, try this simple recipe. Chicken Pad Thai

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