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How to Cut Up Chicken Wings

Be your own butcher and cut up whole chicken wings into pieces, for use in your favorite wing recipes.

Breaking down chicken wings is easier than you think. Here’s how to do it! How-to-Cut-Up-Chicken-Wings_01
Start by setting your whole wing flat on a plastic cutting board, with the wing tip facing you. To remove the wing tip, hold a sharp chef’s knife at the center of the joint, and cut through at the top end of the tip. (Pro tip: Save your wing tips for homemade chicken stock!) How-to-Cut-Up-Chicken-Wings_02
Next, we’ll section the drummie from the flat (or paddle). To do this, simply slice at the joint and separate the two pieces. How-to-Cut-Up-Chicken-Wings_03
You’re finished! 

Looking for something to do with those freshly cut chicken wings? Put ‘em to use in one of these delicious chicken wing recipes!