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Fuel Up The Family

Fuel Up The Family

10 Cool Tips for
Snacking On the Go

Busy families need fast snacks.
Here are some speedy choices.

By Claire R. McIntosh

Sponsored By: Fiber One

1. Get 'em outta bed!

Breakfast is key, so wake those sleepyheads up with the aroma of fresh-from-the-oven Pillsbury® Grands® cinnamon rolls. The scent of real Cinnabon® cinnamon will have the troops to the table with plenty of time to eat.

2. Reach for smarter sweets.

"All natural, no added sugar fruit treats are a great alternative to candy", says personal chef and registered dietician Diane Henderiks. Have Fruit Roll-Ups, Fruit by the Foot or Simply Fruit™ fruit-flavored snacks on hand for occasional treats.

3. Mix up their morning yogurt.

Healthy add-ins like fresh or Cascadian Farm® frozen berries, high fiber cereals, Nature Valley® Granola Nut Clusters or trail mix work will add some zing to yogurt.

4. Let Kids In On The Fun

Critter Crunch is easy enough that kids can make it! Just pack crunchy snacks into fun-to-eat ice cream cones and voila, snacks ready in 5 minutes with no cooking!

5. Choose diet-savvy desserts.

Low-fat, high fiber mini muffins make a great alternative to cupcakes or cookies. Try Fiber One® Muffin Mixes in banana nut, blueberry or apple cinnamon.

6. Grab Quick-Pack Snacks

Nature Valley® Granola Bars, Fruit Roll-Up® fruit-flavored snacks and Chex® 100 Calorie Snack Mix, are a smart on-the-go way to fend off hunger.

7. Skip The Baking Step

Go from mixing up Cheerios®, chocolate chips and peanut butter chips to enjoying bunches of bars in no time flat with PB Chocolate Bars on Cars everyone will love!

8. Think outside the (lunch) box.

Muffins, fruit and yogurt aren't just for breakfast. "They make calorie-controlled lunches, too", says registered dietician Regan Jones.

9. Make chilly choices.

Have a "hot spot" in your cold fridge for quick access to snacks. Include cheese sticks, Go-gurt® portable lowfat yogurt, baby carrots and other veggies or juice boxes. "Don't forget to keep some cold packs in the freezer so you can pack and go quickly", says professional organizer and mom Liz Jenkins.

10. Stack Your Snacks

Discover the delicious way to eat an apple a day with Apple Snack Stacks! Cored and sliced apples provide the perfect place to add an extra burst of flavor with peanut butter and cheese. Yum!

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