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Easy Veggie Lo Mein

Bring the taste of takeout to your home with this quick and easy 30-minute lo mein.

Who says takeout is the easy way out when it comes to dinner? Using fresh ingredients and a little bit of creativity, you can have a delicious, homemade stir-fry noodle dish in your own kitchen in less time than it takes to pick it up from the nearby Chinese restaurant. This veggie lo mein is just the thing to make when you want a quick, no-fuss meal chock-full of nutrition.

To get started, chop up all your veggies, measure your ingredients and collect everything in stations. Doing all your preparation ahead of time is a surefire way to get dinner on the table in a half hour or less (and to not pull out any hair on your way there).
Veggie Lo Mein
Boil up a pot of water. Cook your noodles until al dente; drain and set aside. We’re already halfway done! Veggie Lo Mein
Turn up the heat and stir-fry your veggies in hot oil with grated ginger and chopped garlic. Doesn’t that smell delicious? Veggie Lo Mein
Finally, mix your veggies with the noodles. Stir in some umami-lovin’ soy sauce and sesame oil, and then serve. It’s that easy! Veggie Lo Mein
Next time your tummy says “takeout,” save a trip and toss together this fabulous Chinese supper in no time. Veggie Lo Mein

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