Beefy Enchilada Nachos

Can’t decide between enchiladas or nachos? Why not combine them!

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I’m currently pregnant with my third child and this time around, I’ve been craving anything and everything spicy. Usually spicy foods and pregnancy don’t mix, but this baby must really love the heat!

I was needing a serious nacho fix when I came up with this dish. They were the perfect nachos to satisfy my craving for spice—nice and beefy with the irresistible taste of enchiladas. And of course, I piled on the jalapeños.

These couldn’t be easier to make. Just a few ingredients and you, too, can satisfy any Mexican-night craving.

All you need is ground beef, one can of Old El Paso® Enchilada Sauce, black beans, Old El Paso Green® Chiles, shredded cheddar cheese and tortilla chips. And then of course any toppings that you want!
You’ll start off by browning your ground beef. Drain, if needed, and season to taste with salt and pepper. PHOTO2BeefyEnchiladaNachos
Pour in the can of enchilada sauce. PHOTO3BeefyEnchiladaNachos
Then add in the beans and the green chiles. PHOTO4BeefyEnchiladaNachos
Stir everything together and cook until it’s warmed through. PHOTO5BeefyEnchiladaNachos
Add in the cheddar cheese and cook until the cheese is melted. PHOTO6BeefyEnchiladaNachos
Place the tortilla chips on your plate and top with the beefy mixture. Then use whatever toppings you like on your nachos. I went for more cheese, green onions, jalapeños, cilantro and sour cream. Perfect for Mexican night or game day! BEAUTY_Beefy_Enchilada_Nachos

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