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Wheaties Nougat Bars

For a kid-approved snack that’s easy on mom and tasty for all, try these no-bake cereal bars from Betty Crocker’s “Guide to Easy Entertaining,” first published in 1959.

becky _rosenthal_80
Betty Blogger
Wheaties Nougat Bars Image

I recently spotted a vintage recipe for Wheaties Nougat Bars in the old “Betty Crocker's Guide to Entertaining Cookbook” (circa 1959) and had to try it. I had to try it because for one, I love Wheaties, and two, coconut, nuts and marshmallows? Count me in!!

In college I tried my fair share of no-bake crispy treats. I'm not sure why I thought I was being so creative to just switch one ingredient in a recipe, but in college that was about all the cooking I did.

Though these treats are positively sweet and satisfying as a dessert, they also have at least a few wholesome ingredients like the nuts and Wheaties. The coconut makes them chewy and adds the nougat flavor, while the nuts add a little extra crunch, making this vintage recipe a definite keeper in our easy dessert repertoire.