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How to Frost and Decorate Cookies


Frost, sprinkle, drizzle and paint your cookies with these simple tips.

Rolling Cookies


Step 1: On lightly floured surface, shape refrigerated dough (½ at a time) into flattened round without cracks. Step 2: Using ruler or sticks as guide, roll dough ¼ inch thick. Step 3: Using cookie cutters dipped in flour, cut desired shapes.

Using a Decorating Bag


Step 1: Insert coupler inside disposable pastry bag. (If necessary, cut end if necessary so coupler will reach tip of bag.) Step 2: Attach tip with ring; open bag, pulling opening well over your hand and fill with frosting. Step 3: Squeeze and twist with even pressure to pipe frosting onto cookies.

Decorating Cookies


Sprinkles: Sprinkle cookies with decorating sugar or decors before baking. Frosted: Frost cookies andtop with nuts, decorating sugar or decors. Squeeze and twist with even pressure to pipe frosting onto cookies. Painted: Make egg yolk paints and paint cookies before baking.

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