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A Frosty Twist on Summertime’s Sweetest Treat

Switch up your campfire classic with these cool S’mores Ice Cream Bars.

Smores Ice Cream Bars
Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t toasting marshmallows ‘round the campfire a requisite part of the summertime experience? Throw some graham crackers and chocolate into the mix, and you have a sweet trifecta that’s impossible for anyone to resist. 

For a frosty twist, I took the flavors we all adore and brought them to life as s’mores ice cream bars. Combing a simple graham crust, fudgy chocolate ice cream (tastes like a choco pudding pop!), and a billowy meringue that’s toasted to perfection, these bars are sticky, sweet, melty bites of summer. Here’s how to make ‘em: 

First, let’s make the graham-cracker crust. Tip: To keep the parchment from falling back into the pan, I like to use simple binder clips to hold it in place.

Graham cracker crust
Next, let’s make ice cream! Ingredients to make ice cream
chocolate chips and melted chocolate
Tip: Place plastic directly on the surface of the ice cream base if chilling instead of cooling over an ice bath. plastic wrap covering ice cream mixture
Spread the churned (or, if using store-bought, thawed) ice cream over the graham crust and freeze. chocolate ice cream spread on top of crust
Once the ice cream base is frozen, let’s make the meringue. Heat the egg whites with sugar over a make-shift double boiler and whisk. Careful to keep it all moving—you don’t want the eggs to cook! ingredients for meringue
beating ingredients with whisk
Then, whip it. Beat egg white mixture until it triples in volume, becomes glossy, and holds a stiff peak. And like magic, we have meringue! fluffy meringue on whisk
Scrape meringue onto ice cream; spread the meringue over the ice cream making some peaks happen so there are plenty of crags and nooks for toasting. Return to freezer for another hour. spreading meringue on top of ice cream bars
Voila! Smores Ice Cream Bars

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