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Witches and Wizards Favorite Rock Cakes

Are you a fan of the world of witches and wizardry? Then you’ll love these Rock Cakes scone-like cakes filled with dark chocolate and dried cranberries.

When the whole witches and wizards mania started, I never thought I would join the ranks of fans. It seemed silly to be so enthralled in a story like that. At the time the books really caught on, I was working at a now-nonexistent electronics store that happened to be next to a bookstore. I saw kids in full robes, striped scarves and funny little glasses lining up outside the bookstore and wondered what was up.

Turns out, it was release day for the second or third wizard book.

It was a few more years before I finally caved in. Secretly, I picked up a copy of the first book and read it on the train home from my editorial job in New York. Within a week, I had read all four books and was anxiously awaiting the next one.

Turns out that what I initially wrote off as silliness was really a well-crafted series. And once I discovered how much I liked the books, I wasn’t ashamed to talk about them with anyone and everyone. When the second to last movie came out back in November, I couldn’t wait to see it. At the end, I felt like it was a cruel joke to make us wait months and months for the wrap-up.

Now that the release of the very last movie has arrived, I am filled with a mix of excitement and sadness. I cannot wait to see that epic final battle on the big screen, but I will miss the characters I have grown to love. In the meantime (perhaps to console myself), I am making some delicious book-inspired dishes like Dark Chocolate Cranberry Rock Cakes.

Rock Cakes

Based on a treat that a certain red-haired wizard’s mom made (you know the one...I just can’t say his name!), these are a slightly moister version of a scone and are filled with bits of amazing chocolate and sweet-tart cranberries. Delicious.

Serve ‘em with a spot of tea, will ya, love?

This recipe for Dark Chocolate-Cranberry Rock Cakes will give you a taste of a magical delight! (Psst! They’re kind of like scones.)

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