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Sneaky Monster Cookies

Kids of all ages will fall in love with these giant, peanut butter Sneaky Monster Cookies. Not only are they cool and colorful, but they hide a surprise inside!

Past Contributor
You might not want a sneaky monster hanging out under your bed when night falls. But you’re going to want of batch of these giant Sneaky Monster Cookies hanging out in your kitchen all the time when you see how fun they are to make—and how totally scrumptious they taste! Sneaky Monster Cookies
Traditional Monster Cookies are usually giant chocolate chip cookies with the addition of candy coated chocolate bits and a scoop or two of peanut butter gracing the dough. These cookies, however, take the basic Monster Cookie to a whole new level of terrifying deliciousness. Inside these cookies is an entire peanut butter cup just waiting for you! 

Because this recipe begins with a Betty Crocker® Peanut Butter Cookie Mix, all you have to do is the fun stuff. There’s no ingredient measuring or messy flour scooping. Check out how easy these giant cookies are. Just stir, plop and presto! You’ve got a batch of the biggest and best cookies you’ve ever baked in a matter of minutes! 

Once you’ve mixed together your Peanut Butter Cookie Mix, all you need to do is first place a full-sized peanut butter cup in the center of a large scoop of dough.

Sneaky Monster Cookies
Cover the peanut butter cup completely with the dough. Seal those edges well...you don’t want the candy oozing out of the cookie! Sneaky Monster Cookies
Press candy-covered chocolate pieces all over the top and sides of your cookie. Don’t be stingy! The cookie will spread as it bakes, so put a lot of candy pieces on top for a fantastic final product. Sneaky Monster Cookies
Bake, eat and enjoy. These cookies are so good, they’re scary! Sneaky Monster Cookies

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