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Lemon-Berry Breakfast Shortcake Sliders

These three-bite beauties are bound to stand out at your next brunch.

Lemon-Berry Breakfast Shortcake Sliders
Shortcakes are what I turn to when I have a dessert debacle. If I make a cake and it bakes up flat, or my pudding doesn’t bother thickening (twice), it’s time for shortcake. You really can’t go wrong with biscuits, fruit and cream you know? It’s a dependable combination that’s as tasty as it is easy. 

To translate my go-to dessert into a brunch-worthy treat, I downsized traditional shortcake into three-bite sliders. These addictive little cakes come together super-fast thanks to Bisquick, no mixing, sifting or measuring of dry ingredients required. The addition of lemon zest and poppy seeds gives them a bright twist while filling them with Yoplait Greek Vanilla Yogurt and lemon curd keeps them from being too sweet for breakfast.

ingredients for biscuits
Place everything in a large bowl and get ready to stir! Mix just until the dough comes together. mixing ingredients
Pour it out on a lightly floured surface. Knead 10 times and then pat until ½-inch thick. steps for cutting out biscuits
Cut out your shortcake shapes. I used a half-inch round biscuit cutter, but feel free to use a larger cutter if you prefer bigger shortcakes. For the half-inch round shortcakes, I baked them for seven to eight minutes. biscuits lined up and filling
While the shortcakes are cooling, prep your fruit and gather your filling ingredients. Once the cakes have cooled, gently split them in half. Smear one half with lemon curd, the other with yogurt and sandwich a strawberry in between. Skewer the layers together with a blueberry-topped toothpick. assembling the slider sandwiches
These shortcakes work wonderfully as part of a brunch gathering! To save time the day-of, make the shortcakes a day in advance and assemble the morning of the party. Lemon-Berry Breakfast Shortcake Sliders

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