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Key Lime Trifle

If you love a tangy Key lime pie, this creamy and crunchy trifle will hit the spot!

Past Contributor
My husband loves anything and everything Key lime. Whenever I want to make him happy I just buy a bag of Key limes and surprise him with something tangy. Isn’t he easy to please?! But the other day I decided to change things up a little and came up with a delicious Key lime trifle instead.

Whenever I make a trifle, I like to layer ingredients that have different flavors and textures. One of the layers for this trifle is a super light and fluffy angel food cake. Just add water to the cake mix and there you have it!

You can use a serrated knife or your hands to cut the cake into cubes. PHOTO7KeyLimeTrifle
The highlight of this trifle is the creamy and tangy Key lime filling. I start by mixing together sweetened condensed milk and Key lime juice. PHOTO3KeyLimeTrifle
To that mixture I gently incorporate freshly whipped cream. That alone could be a lovely dessert! PHOTO5KeyLimeTrifle
To add a little crunch to the trifle, I decided to grind some granola bars and add it as a layer. PHOTO2KeyLimeTrifle
Here is how I assembled the trifle, starting with the Key lime cream. Then I added a crunchy layer of ground granola bars and chopped white chocolate. PHOTO8KeyLimeTrifle
I then added the angel food cake and repeated all the layers again. PHOTO10KeyLimeTrifle
I then added the angel food cake and repeated all the layers again. PHOTO12KeyLimeTrifle
You can garnish the trifle with some of the ground granola bar and slices of Key lime. So pretty and so easy! PHOTO14KeyLimeTrifle

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