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Bunny Cake Poppers

Sweet strawberry cake is mixed with frosting and popped onto a stick, dipped in candy melts and turned into happy little bunnies. So fun for Easter!

Past Contributor

Quick! What is the cutest thing you’ve seen all season? That’s right...these Bunny Cake Poppers! They are even more adorable than baby chicks and puppies. They are just plain sweet, and you can make them right in your own kitchen. With a few of the best tips and tricks, you’ll be turning out batches of these cute little critters in no time at all!

To make Easter bunny poppers, we’ve got to start with the color of bunnies…pink! Bake a Betty Crocker® SuperMoist® strawberry cake mix into a 9x13 pan, allow it to cool and then crumble into fine crumbs.

Add a bit of Betty Crocker® Rich and Creamy® strawberry frosting to your bowl of crumbs.
Mix it all together with a fork until the cake starts to resemble a pliable dough.
Roll the cake mixture into little balls. About 1 tablespoon of the cake mixture should be about right. Placing the balls on a piece of parchment paper will keep your kitchen clean as you prepare to dip them into candy melts.
Place pink candy melts in a small deep bowl. Zap in the microwave until smooth. Dip one end of a small lollipop stick into the melted candy coating, then press it firmly into the center of a cake ball.
Make the ears! Unwrap pink chewy candies; microwave one at a time until softened, about 4-6 seconds. Roll them flat with a rolling pin, and then snip the candy into two little teardrop-shaped ears. They don’t need to be perfect because you can pinch the ends of the ears and mold them into comical little shapes.

Now all that’s left to do is to dip your cake poppers! (There would be a picture here, but the process can get messy, and you have to move quickly.) It’s a little hectic, but totally worth the finished product.

Dip each cake ball into the candy melts. Press two candy ears into the top. Carefully place two blue sprinkles for eyes and one pink sprinkle for the nose. Store the cake pops in a piece of Styrofoam until the candy coating is dry. Use a food-safe marker to draw on whiskers and a bunny mouth.

Serve and enjoy!

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