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Measuring Techniques

Baking is a science. Learn how to measure exact amounts of ingredients in order to bake the best holiday cookies ever. Using the correct measuring equipment can make a difference in a finished recipe.

Use glass or liquid measuring cups for liquids, graduated plastic or metal measuring cups for dry ingredients and measuring spoons for small amounts of wet or dry ingredients. Tip: Measuring all of the ingredients before starting a recipe helps to make the process go quickly and efficiently. 

Spoon in dry ingredients, then level off top using a flat-edged utensil such as a knife or metal spatula.

Spoon brown sugar into measuring cup; firmly pack with back of spoon. Best-Measuring-Techniques_02
Check amount of liquid by looking at it at eye level while cup sits steady on counter. Best-Measuring-Techniques_03
Dip measuring spoon into food; level off (if dry) or fill to rim (if liquid). Best-Measuring-Techniques_04

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