About the Betty Crocker Kitchens
For nearly a century, the Betty Crocker Kitchens have been synonymous with trusted
recipe development and homemaking know-how. Our bright and airy 13,595 square
foot space serves as a creative hub for our food experts to invent inspired ideas for a
whole new generation of cooks.

The Kitchen Experts
Whether you have a baking question or cooking emergency, our food experts at the iconic Betty Crocker Kitchens are on hand to help solve even the toughest kitchen stumpers. Immersed in food culture and trained in everything from nutrition and dietetics to the culinary arts, our experts create and test new ideas daily to inspire home cooks around the world. These best-in-class professionals continue Betty Crocker’s legacy of empowering and celebrating the home cook in all of us.
Ann Stuart Image
Ann Stuart
Food Content Marketing/Manager - Betty Crocker Kitchens
Ann loves turning food trends from around the world into ideas relevant to the everyday cook. She appreciates everything from fine dining to the best fast food—and is always on the hunt for the ultimate sandwich. Ann holds a degree in consumer food science from the University of Minnesota. When not reading cookbooks and magazines, you’ll find her practicing yoga, running and lifting weights — a perfect balance to a life that revolves around food.
Jennifer Kalinowski Image
Jennifer Kalinowski
Food Editor - Betty Crocker Kitchens
Jennifer’s passion for food began as a kid at the kitchen counter, recreating TV cooking shows. That curiosity grew into a career as a food trend spotter, writer and recipe developer. A registered dietitian and accomplished cook, Jennifer has many talents including turning fresh ingredients into vegetarian fare. Jennifer holds a master’s in public health and refined her culinary craft at Le Cordon Bleu in London. Off the clock, you’ll find her mixing up inventive drinks—from coffee to cocktails—and photographing (what else?) food.
Kristen Olson Image
Kristen Olson
Food Editor, Betty Crocker Kitchens
Kristen takes DIY to a new level—from hobby beekeeping and ice cream making to crafting 30 unique flavors of marshmallows. For her Bacon of the Month Club, Kristen mailed bacon-infused creations (think beer and bacon caramels) to friends across the country. When not following her personal muse Kristen hosts Kitchen Counter Intelligence, a BettyCrocker.com video series full of how-tos and smart shortcuts for home cooks. Kristen has a bachelor’s in food and nutrition from the University of Minnesota.
Karen Sorensen Image
Karen Sorensen
Food Editor
With a grandmother close by to help, and a full-time working mom, Karen started cooking family meals at an early age. She acquired her family’s European tradition of flaky, homemade, melt-in-your-mouth pastry and has been known to crank out more than a hundred homemade pies for fundraisers. Her current food passion is adapting dishes from her travels into fresh, minimalist creations to share with family and friends.
Mary Goetz Image
Mary Goetz
Food Editor - Betty Crocker Kitchens
Mary’s cooking philosophy mirrors the Slow Food movement—making simple, healthful and flavorful recipes from fresh ingredients. This spills over into our kitchens, where she transforms recipes using healthy and allergy-safe options, without losing what makes them so good. Mary has managed a culinary school, learned 4-star Southern cooking in a restaurant in Charleston, S.C., and holds culinary and business degrees from Kendall College and the University of Kansas. In between her many pursuits, Mary teaches cooking classes and runs marathons around the country.
Julie Turnbull Image
Julie Turnbull
Food Editor - Betty Crocker Kitchens
Julie’s culinary passions change with the seasons—like wild game in autumn and beef, bourbon and chocolate in winter—and she finds inspiration everywhere, from traveling to creative twists on everyday foods. A baker and longtime baking cookbook contributor, she swears by her great-grandmother’s recipes: blitz torte, German stollen and others that draw on her northern European roots. Julie holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in food and nutrition, and depending on the weather, you’ll find her skiing, kayaking or gardening in her backyard, cultivating her own bounty.
Kathy Saatzer Image
Kathy Saatzer
Food Editor - Betty Crocker Kitchens
Kathy’s recipe fame began early: In high school she won a blue ribbon at the Minnesota State Fair for her bundt cake recipe. Since interning for the Pillsbury Bake Off®, her food experience has grown—from magazine and cookbook editor to food stylist to her current role in our kitchens, where she uncovers food trends (savory cupcakes and frozen pops are favorites). Kathy has a bachelor’s in food and nutrition and is a member of the Home Economists in Business. She’s a musician, animal lover and a cupcake tourist, having road-tripped from Madison to Chicago to St. Louis in search of the best little gems.
Lori Fox Image
Lori Fox
Food Editor - Betty Crocker Kitchens
Descended from a long line of food lovers and cooks, Lori loves scratch-cooking (pasta sauce, soups, breads, you name it), exotic condiments and Indian cookbooks. Baking, specifically wildly rich chocolate creations, is her specialty, and she gets inspiration from magazines, cookbooks, restaurants, family, friends and strangers. Lori has co-authored 24 cookbooks, including three “Big Red” Betty Crocker cookbooks, and has a bachelor’s in home economics from the University of Wisconsin. She’s still hunting for an incredible raspberry chocolate tart recipe she tasted in Colorado years ago.
Marcia Brinkley Image
Marcia Brinkley
Food Editor - Betty Crocker Kitchens
Marcia brings a uniquely scientific and analytical perspective to the Betty Crocker Kitchens. Her early love of biology and home economics led her to study food science, learning how to break down the process of cooking to its most basic elements. It’s a philosophy you can see in her recipes: simple, healthy dishes; vegetarian fare; and maintaining the flavor of each ingredient. Marcia loves to grow vegetables, can and is an eager family traveler. Her favorite destination? New Mexico, where she searches for new delights made from red and green chiles.
Grace Wells Image
Grace Wells
Food Editor - Betty Crocker Kitchens
As cookbook editor, Grace turns her passion for food and healthy living into great food ideas. With nearly 30 years of experience developing recipes and editing cookbooks and magazines, she has a knack for making almost any recipe better. Her formula for the perfect recipe includes one part easy preparation, one part fabulous flavor—and always an unexpected twist. In her spare time, Grace enjoys gardening, traveling, entertaining, writing and walking—she can cover more than 20 miles of trails in a week.
Adriana Amione Image
Adriana Amione
Food Editor - Betty Crocker Kitchens
A native of Mexico and Betty’s in-house authority on Hispanic cuisine, Adriana is legendary for her fragrant roasted chiles poblanos and her ability to create ideas that span Hispanic and traditional American tastes using the average home pantry. She’s refined her craft with some of the world’s best chefs and culinary programs from Paris to Mexico City, and her international passions don’t end in the kitchen; after hours, you’ll find Adriana enjoying the films of France, Italy, Spain and Argentina.
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